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"I’m falling apart," she murmured, leaning on him for support.

"Don’t worry," he replied, wrapping an around her waist protectively, "I’ll hold you together." 


"Do you know how she looks at you?" The first boy asked.

"Like I’m an idiot?" Replied the second.

"Yes," laughed the first, "But like you’re her idiot. Like you tripped and spilled the stars across the sky." 

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im very self conscious about my writing so if i let you read anything ever that i write it means i love you


The best gifts I’ve ever received
are the glow in the dark stars
that you stick to your ceiling.

But it wasn’t until you came along
That I started finding patterns:
The curl of your hair
Or the slope of your calf,
Almost like I knew you’d be coming
When I placed them

The first time you saw them
Your arm was still wrapped
Around my waist
And your fingertips traced their patterns
Onto skin which already had their patterns memorized.

You asked, “Isn’t it hard to sleep
With all the light?”
And I wanted to tell you
That they reminded me
I was part of something bigger
But I found it hard to tackle the topic
Without tripping over my tongue.

While we were bored,
We rearranged them into different shapes.
Instead of your calf
A bear
Instead of your smile
A big dipper.

It didn’t help me forget.


If you asked me who I would die for
A million names come to mind:
Jeff and Kristen and Sarah and Sam
And Tyler and Henry and Maddy and Vivienne
And so on and so forth into every crevice of my memory,
But my last thought will always be
What is lost when I am gone?
No more kiwi smoothies after…


Did you know
That the Guinness Book of World Records
Gets five claims a day
Of someone being able to lick their own elbow,
You just aren’t one of them,
And there have been two people in this world
With documented eidetic memories
And you wont even remember my name.
How about the fact
That writing poetry can help improve cognitive functions
And bullying leads to depression
Not every fact has to be correct
It just has to get my point across. 

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"I was swimming
My eyes were dark
‘til you woke me
And told me that opening
is just the start
It was"
- Blind Pilot

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I have a poem due on Monday. Does anyone want to read over it for me and tell me if it’s good enough?

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You are made of stardust
filtered through the millenia
settling as a star in your eye.

There are more atoms in your body
than stars in the universe,
and you use that as an excuse
to carve parts of yourself away
telling me there will still be plenty left over when you are through.

I find comfort in physics
when a classmate reminds me
that “energy can neither be created,
nor destroyed.”
And I can imagine your energy
no longer with us
as a star in a child’s eye. 

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Start at the northeast

nape of her neck

Heading south until you reach the collarbones,

Then turn west.

Follow the raised levy

for one



Before dipping south again –

If you reach the shoulder you’ve gone to far.

Follow this route over the breast

Until you reach the expansive plain of her stomach –  

Do not be frightened if the ground trembles beneath your touch.

Find the cove of her hips

where your hand fits perfectly

And don’t let go.

You are holding the world in your hands.

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